Copying a Windows ALC USB Disk

On a windows system the supplied USB drive has a few folders and one program at the rot level. You cannot copy it by just moving the visible files. You must copy the whole drive.

Ideally you should copy your ALC USB Drive before yuo run the program for the first time. This will let youo copy the program before it is stamped with your personal e-mail. Then copied versions can be activated with the correct users e-mail.

Insert the drive into the Windows computer. Then open the File Explorer and click on the "This PC" level where you will see all the drives mounted by the computer. The File Explorer should look similar to this screen shot:alc win pc files

You can copy the whole drive by:

  1. Position the mouse over the flash drive (ALC19-Win in the above example),
  2. Right Click, then select copy.
  3. Then move the mouse to the drive/location you want the files,
  4. Right click again and select paste.

This will copy the entire contents of the disk and create a folder with the disk volume name.

You can then follow the standard installation steps by double clicking on the ALC program file.

NOTE: You may get a warning from your virus software, Windows might quarantine the ALC program. If this happens, accept the risk and continue. See our FAQ on Virus Protection.

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