Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Resource Champion Courtney Hankinson

Maximizing Resources

It’s amazing how important the mission statement of an organization can be.  The Armstrong- Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission in Pennsylvania includes “maximize resources” in their mission statement. When they contracted for a training of Alcohol Literacy Challenge curriculum, we let them know, as we do with all our clients, that they could extend the training to community partners in their service area for no additional charge. The community partners could be asked to pay a portion of the training if they wanted to contribute.  All we asked, is that if they chose to use the program, they execute a separate annual license agreement for curriculum use with us.

Courtney Hankinson took this message to heart and sent a Gmail blast.  An Event Brite invite and sign-up was created.  The additional attendees where charged a nominal amount to cover the costs of printing up training packages.  Courtney went the extra mile for prevention specialists in her area, despite working full-time and being in a Master’s program. She clearly lives their motto, “Maximizing Resources-Empowering Change.” May we all be blessed to have such dedicated employees! Kudos to Carrie Bence, Deputy Director as well, for providing a work environment that fosters excellence.

Courtney reports: “I've certainly been busy implementing the ALC program, now in our third school since receiving the training! The students seem to really like the program, and much more they are grasping the concept, "It's the thinking, not the drinking".

These three smaller counties wisely joined to make a larger organization that could share resources.  Then they extended support to other counties. This is a model we all need to follow, especially as grants and funds are harder to find.

The Armstrong- Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission set up a win for everyone.  Because even if their partners did not choose to teach the ALC, everyone attending still received prevention accreditation CEUs and a stronger capacity was built for future prevention programs because of the networking established.

How do you maximize resources in your organizations or communities?

What new sources have you found to fund your endeavors?

Have you created community partners to support each other’s goals?

Let’s all learn from, and inspire each other.