It’s grant writing season for many organizations, so I’ll be putting up some tips over the next few weeks. Grant writing is storytelling. The more compelling you are, the more grant funders will like your story and fund your grant. Just as books with visuals are more interesting, so is your grant.

We know you have lots to do, so we have made this part easier for you. Here’s an example of a visual you can use in your grant.

web Logic Model

Unlike stories that use imagination however, your grant must show lots of factual information that tells a compelling story of NEED. We can help you with the first part, we have lots of factual help about how effective the ALC is at changing drinking behaviors. You can use this link, or go to the ALC menu and scroll down to Grant Writer Tools:

You’ll have to research to find the statistics for your local area about the NEED and use that to create a compelling story about how the need will be addressed by your program.

Do NOT use your imagination about filling out the grant as requested. If they want a blank page, put it in. Take them literally. They have developed their own strategy for how they farm out checking the grant information amongst many people, especially if it is a large grantor. It will waste your time and sap your energy if you start questioning the system they have developed.