Macintosh Installation Instructions

Requirements for ALC On Macintosh

Ideally a reasonably quick, modern computer with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or greater, It is tested on Mojave. You should have at least 2+GB memory, and PowerPoint 2016or newer installed.

  • The presentations are designed for PowerPoint 2016 and assume some of the recent features (animations, video types, etc.). They will not work properly on earlier versions. You may see nothing, or the audio/video might not play.
  • The quicker your hard drives, the better. An SSD drive in a laptop can be noticeably quicker in loading a presentation than a rotating HD in a fast desktop computer.
  • The viewer is tested on Mac OS X 10.8 and the latest release. It may work on earlier versions, but that is not guaranteed.
  • Why do we recommend 2GB or more of memory? Some of the presentations are big, maybe 500MB in size. With only 1GB of memory it is quite likely that the presentation cannot be loaded without swapping components to/from the disk. This can slow things down hugely.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Insert the USB drive into a USB socket.
  2. The drive should appear on the desktop and look like this screen:alc mac desktop
  3. Open this drive and you will see the folder insidealc mac folder
  4. Open this folder to see the files inside:alc mac files

The Instructions folder contains PDF files for the course and viewer installation, the tuition folder contains all the lesson material arranged by course. The presentations folder contains encrypted files for the presentations and is not useful. These files are read by the ALC viewer.

First Time Use (Skip to 7 for regular use)

  1. To start the ALC Viewer open the ViewMac 19 program. If this is the first time you have used the program you may see a caution screen like this:alc mac caution

Accept using Open to continue.

  1. It will take a few moments, but the viewer will open with a screen looking like:alc mac org name

This screen and the next screen will only appear once and is part of initial registration. Once registered the viewer will skip to step 7 and allow you to view presentations.

Your organization name may have been pre-programed for you; in which case you will only see the request for your e-mail.

Please DO NOT use the & symbol in the organization name. Enter the required Organization name, press enter then add your e-mails then press enter again.

Regular Use

  1. This screen is the normal opening screen you will see now that you have completed registration:alc mac opening

You will see the Organization name and e-mail address registered to use this software.

Click the Browse for Presentation button to select the presentation you want to run. A screen like the following screen will open:alc mac select

You can select the required presentation and then click the open button.

  1. After you have selected a presentation the following screen should appear:alc mac password

In order to view the presentation, you must enter the password for that presentation, please note, each presentation has its own password.  Just enter the password and press enter.

  1. The next screen will appear a few seconds after hitting enter. It may take several seconds on an older system:alc mac continue

This is a critical step, the viewer will de-encrypt the presentation and open it in PowerPoint. Be patient this can take many seconds. If it does not open the PowerPoint window, check that the window is not minimized or that PowerPoint is asking you a question. If you have problems, try running ALC Viewer again having already opened PowerPoint.

Your selected presentation should start automatically in presentation mode, you can navigate through it using the standard commands, Page Up and Page Down for going forwards or backwards, Space Bar or Enter also work to move through the presentation. You can exit the presentation at any time by using the ESC key.

  1. After you close PowerPoint, you can close the ALC Viewer window or use the Continue button to view again or select another presentation. After pressing the button this screen will appear:alc mac final

You can now decide to view the presentation again or select another presentation.

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