Is the course really free?

Yes, we just ask that people register as a student to take the course using their real name and an e-mail address. This creates your personal account and lets you take the course at your own speed and receive the credit for completing the final exam by getting your certificate.

Forgotten Password or User Name

You can always recover your lost account by using one of the links on the Admin Page. The two important links are

  1. Forgot your password?
  2. Forgot your username?

You must know the e-mail address which you used to create the account. Then by following the instructions with either link you can recover your username and or password.

If you have a problem with "My Certificates"

You can only see your certificate if you have completed studying all the modules and passed the final exam. Once you have completed these steps then the last part of the course titles Certificate will have a single button labeled "My Certificate". Clicking this should open your certificates page and give you the options to view, print share or e-mail links of your certificate.

Please note that the certificate will automatically have your full name as entered during your enrollment. 

If your certificate does not load or print, is missing your name and correct date, the system may not have processed your final results. We suggest you logout and return a few hours later. Then simply log back in and go back to your certificate. If you still have a problem please contact support.

Contacting Support

For problems with the site operation and account details please use the course support form.

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