The ALC is provided in a PowerPoint format that can be used with either an Apple or PC operating system. Programs should have the latest versions of PowerPoint and supporting hardware such as laptops, projectors and speakers available for the presentations to run smoothly.

The cost of the ALC license is $1.25 per student per year who will receive the program, plus a $50.00 security and handling fee. The minimum annual license that can be purchased is $500 (for training up to 450 students + the $50 security fee).

All licenses run through June 30th of the next calendar year. Programs should estimate the number of students (including parents) they project will be reached though June 30th. That number plus $50 is the cost of the ALC usage license for that year.

All files supporting the ALC (PowerPoint, talking points, activity sheets, student evaluations, implementation manual) are provided on a thumb sized flash drive that can be plugged right into your computer for easy use. The activity sheets & students evaluations are included on the thumb drive. Each is 2 pages, allowing them to be printed on a single sheet of paper. Programs are responsible for the cost of copying these items for student use.

Additional thumb drives can be purchased for $25 each.

pdfDownload the ALC License Agreement

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We really like giving this presentation because: Number's fun.

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