The ALC uses PowerPoint presentations containing slides and movies. It is available for both PC and Apple operating systems, though require both PowerPoint or a PowerPoint Viewer be installed prior to ALC use. As videos and animations are imbedded in the ALC Presentations, .mp4 player software must be installed on users’ computers and linked to their Power Point program.

The ALC is downloaded as a secure file that presenters will unzip and install on their computers. It requires 2 GBb of free memory and the latest version of PowerPoint be installed. The curriculum will not work without the latest version of PowerPoint and 2 GB of available memory.

The ALC is recommended for use on laptops, as they can be moved to different presentation locations. Programs using multiple laptops or requiring presentations in multiple locations with different desktop computers will require the program to be downloaded, unzipped & installed multiple times.

The presentation equipment needed is a computer connected to an LCD projector & speakers. A flip chart or white board is also required for some versions of the ALC. Student activity sheets and pre/post test evaluations must also be printed out and duplicated.

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ALC presenters MUST BE trained in the proper application of Alcohol Expectancy Theory. Trying to force the ALC into the standard risk and protective factor paradigm of prevention will yield ineffectual results!

Organizations using the ALC are required to have a 1-Time training from Dr. DeBenedittis or his representatives. The cost of for this training is $5,000 plus all travel expenses. The training takes 6 hours of classroom time.

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The cost of the ALC license is $1.00 per student per year who will receive the program, plus a $50.00 security and handling fee. The minimum license that can be purchased is $275.00.

All licenses run through June 30th of the next calendar year. Programs should estimate the number of students (including parents) they project will be reached though June 30th. That number is the cost of the ALC usage license for that year.

All files supporting the lesson (talking points, activity sheets, student evaluations) are provided in electronic form. The activity sheets & students evaluations are each 2 pages and can be printed on a single sheet of paper. Programs are responsible for the cost of duplicating these items.

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We really like giving this presentation because: Number's fun.

Timothy Heywood, Outreach & Education Coordinator