Alcohol Expectancy Theory

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  • Released: 02/13/2017
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The webinar is taught by Dr. Peter DeBenedittis, a well-known speaker and trainer in the prevention field for 20 years. Until now, the risk and protective factor paradigm has generated prevention programs that need multiple sessions to be effective. In this webinar, Dr. DeBenedittis teaches Alcohol Expectancy Theory, an approach applied to the NREPP Reviewed Alcohol Literacy Challenge™ curriculum.

The advantage of utilizing this approach to prevention is that with mandated testing, few schools allow prevention providers access to students for more than 1 or 2 class periods. Dr. DeBenedittis is offering this course, because most prevention providers are not familiar with the application of Alcohol Expectancy Theory, and thereby find it hard to believe that youth will drink significantly less after receiving only a single session lesson. As prevention educators learn Alcohol Expectancy Theory, they will come to understand that the nearly 1,000 published studies dating back to the 1960s show how this is possible.

The goal of this course is to enable prevention providers to reach larger numbers of children with effective prevention education. Imagine how many more schools will be receptive to an alcohol education program proven to reduce underage and binge drinking, when they are asked only ask for 50-90 minutes of class time. In addition to schools, classroom based applications of alcohol expectancy challenges can be used with college orientations, after-school programs, life-skill trainings for athletes, community events, and faith-based youth outreach programs.

This on-line course will take you approximately 2 hours to complete.


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Peter Debenedittis

Dr. Peter DeBenedittis is a prevention trainer under licensed under the New Mexico Credentialing Board for Behavioral Health Professionals. He has trained thousands of prevention educators and spoken to hundreds of thousands of students all across America teaching media literacy for prevention. He’s consulted to the Centers of Disease Control, the White House Office of Drug Policy, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the America Medical Association. Having previously run an ad agency for 10 years, Peter D. now uses his advertising knowledge to educate for prevention rather than seduce for profits. Dr. D. has authored over 20 volumes of widely used prevention curriculum, including the Alcohol Literacy Challenge™, an NREPP reviewed youth alcohol prevention program shown to reduce underage and binge drinking in a single session.

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