The Parents version of the ALC contains 26 slides and 10 videos that can be taught in 60 minutes. Educational Concepts covered are:

1. How children’s beliefs are formed about drinking

2. Challenging parents personal beliefs about the effects of drinking alcohol

3. The real, physical effects of alcohol

4. The placebo effect

5. Definition of 1 Standard Drink / How to measure drinks in social settings

6. Alcohol Dosage for buzz vs. negative physical effects

7. Tolerance

8. How alcohol companies create social media for youth that promotes drinking

9. How alcohol ads intentionally undermine parents

10. Why modeling health behaviors around alcohol are important

11. How to engage children in alcohol discussion to teach them the real effects of drinking

12. Setting limits around alcohol

Samples from the Lesson

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We really like giving this presentation because: Number's fun.

Timothy Heywood, Outreach & Education Coordinator

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