The 7th/8th grade version of the ALC contains 37 slides and 9 videos that can be taught in 90 minutes. Educational Concepts covered are:

1. Challenging student’s personal beliefs about the effects of drinking

2. The real, physical effects of alcohol

3. How students are “conditioned” to associate positive mental effects with drinking

4. How alcohol companies create social media for children that promotes drinking

5. Learning how advertising transfers beliefs comparing ads for water and alcohol that both promise the same effects from drinking

6. Most alcohol ads and social media posts promise only the positive mental effects associated with drinking

7. Practice deconstructing the 5 main messages alcohol companies target towards youth

8. Game students play identifying the mental beliefs about alcohol found in ads

Samples from the Lesson

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We really like giving this presentation because: Number's fun.

Timothy Heywood, Outreach & Education Coordinator

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