The Alcohol Literacy Challenge Curriculum revolutionizes classroom based alcohol prevention. In addition to being effective in a single session, the ALC saves money, is easy to implement and works within the unique culture of the students your program seeks to reach. What’s not to like? When you compare the ALC to other evidence-based alcohol prevention programs, the ALC is costs the less and works much, much quicker.

Saves Time & Money

The ALC is the only youth alcohol prevention program that provides evidence-based results in a single session! Rather than the traditional 8-12 sessions spread out over weeks, schools appreciate being asked for only 90 minutes of class time. Programs implementing the ALC will not only gain greater access to classes in schools, but will be able to reach a substantially larger number of students in the same time it took to reach far fewer students with older alcohol prevention programs.

And ALC is competitively priced. After the initial required training, it costs only $1.00 per student for a license to use the ALC. Other popular programs charge $3.00 - $4.00 per student just for required workbooks!

Easy to Implement

Before NREPP was defunded, their review gave the ALC a 3.5 (out of 4) rating for Readiness for Dissemination. The review wrote::

The PowerPoint lessons and corresponding talking points for implementers are clear and convey the program’s message in a clever and powerful way.

During a one-time ALC lesson, students learn about standard drinks, the range of alcohol expectancies, the difference between pharmacological effects and placebo effects, and efforts by alcohol companies to portray positive alcohol expectancies in advertisements. In the middle and high school versions of ALC, students also play a game assessing the alcohol effects portrayed in alcohol commercials.

Works With ALL Cultures

The ALC is designed to challenge the unique expectancies of each participating student, allowing it to be used across different populations and cultural groups. Because the specific beliefs of the students receiving the curricula are challenged during an ALC lesson, the curricula automatically morphs to become culturally specific to each group of students using it.

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