nrepp ALC logoBeing listed on the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices is the gold standard for Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration funded prevention programs. The Alcohol Literacy Challenge™ was awarded this honor in June of 2012.

NREPP gave the ALC a 3.3 (out of 4) point rating for the Quality of Research in the studies validating it. Few NREPP reviews give research quality ratings above the mid twos. Have a 3.3 rating gives high confidence when we say: The Alcohol Literacy Challenge™ is proven to reduce underage & binge drinking in a single session.

The ALC was scored even higher on its Readiness for Dissemination, being given a 3.5 rating. The NREPP Review wrote this about the ALC’s readiness:

The implementation manual is comprehensive and user friendly. The PowerPoint lessons and corresponding talking points for implementers are clear and convey the program's message in a clever and powerful way. An initial on-site training is required for implementers; refresher Webinar trainings and videos of the developer presenting each lesson offer further support to implementers. Program fidelity checklists and numerous evaluation tools are provided to support quality assurance. The developer will help identify a local, qualified evaluator for sites that need evaluation assistance.

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Now that NREPP has begun also rating programs for their outcomes, the ALC is considered a “Legacy Program” by NREPP, and is being slated for re-review. “Given the strong outcome data showing reduced instances of drinking, lower levels of binge drinking, and reduced quantities of alcohol consumed when drinking, we’re excited for the possibility of the ALC outcomes to be showcased,” Dr. DeBenedittis said. “There’s only a handful of alcohol prevention programs currently listed on NREPP that show any reductions in drinking at all.” Once re-reviewed, the ALC will separate itself in a bigger way from programs with less significant outcomes, that many prevention programs currently use.

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