Where can I install the ALC Viewer?

Anywhere location where the user has both read and write permissions. Just leave the collection of folders and files in the delivered folder because they are all dependent on each other.

Can I move or copy the Tuition files

Yes there is no restriction on moving the Tuition files.

My Computer is old and/or slow. Does that matter?

Expect to wait a long time to see the first slide of a presentation. Be prepared to wait several minutes. Once the presentation begins you can move through it normally. It is the start up that will take some time.

How do I uninstall the ALC Viewer?

Just delete the folder containing ALC and it will be removed from the computer.

I am not hearing any audio and/or seeing video.

This usually occurs if an older version of PowerPoint is installed. The way around this is to upgrade to PowerPoint 2016.

My Virus Program has removed or quarantined ALC files

Unfortunately the ALC program file looks like a virus to many virus protection programs. They are doing their job warning you about the software. You can safely cancel the warning, restore the files and override the virus program.

When I view a presentation I see an error alert.

The ALC program has built in error codes which will help us find out about problems. If you get a code, write it down and if the following notes do not help you solve the problem, contact support with details of the code.

  • V57: Either PowerPoint is not installed properly, or the version is too old (not 2016 or greater).
  • V41: The Expiry date for this Viewer has passed. The Viewer has a limited lifetime that approximates to an academic year. Please contact your support contact to obtain an updated version.
  • DP10: PowerPoint did not start. Check that PowerPoint is installed properly. Try closing the Viewer and try again. If that doesn’t work, please report the error.
  • DP11: PowerPoint could not open the presentation. This will occur when the PowerPoint version is too old (need V16.0 or greater).

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